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Campaign shot for Maharam to show their fabric collections. We wanted to create a group of scarecrows that potentially could be displayed together. Then we gave each one of them their character.

“According to Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung (1875–1961), archetypes are universal structures of the collective unconscious that find particular expression within individuals and cultures. Whether through images, symbols, or patterns of behavior, archetypes manifest as twelve central impulses within each of us.

Archetypes designed, styled, and photographed by Apartamento Studios featuring Maharam textiles Apt, Aria, Beacon, Boucle Leno, Bu�er, Cotton Velvet, Drape by Konstantin Grcic, Fore, Huddle, Lift by Konstantin Grcic, Lucky, Meld, Metric, Mode, Passel, Regatta, Sift, Slumber, Spare, and Stripes by Paul Smith.”